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<< Handling of personal information >>

HAMONICAFE SHOP has established the following privacy policy in order to protect and safely handle "personal information that can identify a specific individual" and "information about living individuals (privacy information)".

[Purpose of collecting and using personal information]

HAMONICAFE SHOP collects personal information necessary to provide services to customers.

(Name, address, phone number, E-mail address, etc.)

We promise to use the personal information we receive safely for the following purposes only.

⑴ Shipment of ordered products and billing of price. In addition, the communication work that accompanies it

⑵ Providing information on new products and events related to Tetsuya Hirose

⑶ Answer to inquiries

[Provision of personal information to third parties]

HAMONICAFE SHOP will not disclose personal information to a third party without the consent of the customer.

However, the following cases are excluded.

⑴ When entrusting the shipping of products and the transmission of new products and event information to an agent

⑵ When requested by a public institution such as a court or police based on laws and regulations

[Inquiry / correction / deletion of information content]

Regarding inquiries, corrections, and deletions of the personal information provided, we will promptly respond after confirming that you are the person.

[Contact for inquiries about personal information]


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