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The harmonica is an instrument that is often accompanied by some kind of comedy. We often sing its praises and say that its sound is uniquely nostalgic and warm, that it can give shape to feelings of sadness that would otherwise stay stuck inside of us. But the truth is that it is as often relegated to the realm of jokes.


The person who is least gifted musically is always asked to play the harmonica; the boy or girl whose parents promised to buy a musical instrument is terribly disappointed to learn that it’s nothing more than a cheap harmonica; scenes of poverty and squalor in both big and small screens are almost certainly accompanied by the sound of a harmonica, and the same is true when a character loses a fight, gets money stolen, or fails terribly at love. Poor harmonica…


Still, there’s another side to this instrument too. We often get to see how the tables are turned, and those characters that suffered through jeers, laughs and negligence come out victorious in the end. It is also this persevering and hustler-like attitude that the harmonica gives a voice to, and a lot of people find that irresistible.


As for me, I want to indulge in the world of the harmonica that is reserved to comedy and jokes. I’ve taken the image of the poor harmonica that gets laughed at, and I’ve run away with it. That’s what this web series is: a show that takes harmonica comedy very, very seriously.



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