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Harmonica column

Harmonica Column

ハーモニカ コラム 全8種 ①このハーモニカの呼び方は? <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラム 全8種 ②旅先でさりげなく吹きたい <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラム 全8種 ③押しつけられる楽器 <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラム 全8種 ④ハーモニカを投げたい <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラム 全8種 ⑤ハーピスト写真 <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラム 全8種 ⑥ハーモニカといえば『ハードボイルド』<Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラム 全8種 ⑦電気にハーモニカをゆだねると <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカコラム 全8種 ⑧ハーモニカ番組を3年間放送してみて<Hamopedia /ハモペディア>

● Harmonica column ① What should I call?

Ten Halls Harmonica, Blues Harp, 10 Holes ... What should I call this instrument without a fixed name? I tried to talk about the naming problem that bothers harpists.


● Harmonica column ② Casually on the road

The harmonica, which is small and can be taken anywhere, is a great travel companion. He talked about songs and phrases that suit his travels, and how to play them to encourage travel.

"Man is hard" "Marco in the meadow"

● Harmonica column ③ Musical instrument to be pressed

Is this common conversation, which is a part of the student band, a tradition? And the reality is that there are few songs that have a harmonica part on top of being pressed by the harmonica. I will report on the first disaster that harpists encounter.


● Harmonica column ④ Do not throw the harmonica  

"I want to throw a harmonica after playing live!" Why is such a dream born? We will report in detail the battle between the students who want to throw and the teachers who do not want to throw.


● Harmonica column ⑤ Artist photo  

Taking an artist photo of a harpist is a daunting task. The instrument is small and hidden in my hand. The face is hidden during the performance, and it is overwhelmingly inconspicuous when placed alongside other instruments. I thought of a shooting method that would completely solve these problems.

● Harmonica column ⑥ Hard-boiled harmonica  

When a hitman appears in a drama or movie, a harmonica melody is played for some reason. Enjoy the hard-boiled harmonica world.

"Grisby's Blues" "The Godfather Love Theme" "Desperate! 』\

● Harmonica column ⑦ Electric poisoning

Amplified harmonica that can realize a powerful sound with impact. However, if you are obsessed with the charm of electricity, there are unexpected pitfalls! Is there any salvation for the harpist who fell on the dark side? ⁉︎

● Harmonica Column ⑧ What I think of Ten Holes

After broadcasting a harmonica program for three years, I talked about the charm of Ten Holes that I realized again. Feel the potential of Ten Holes Harmonica, which extends beyond the scope of musical instruments.

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