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Blow Blow Blow!

Let's play the harmonica!

You can play the video from the title

ハーモニカ Piano man / ピアノマン 前奏 (ビリージョエル)曲key-C/ハーモニカkey-C <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ Stand by me / スタンドバイミー 間奏 (ベン・E・キング)曲key-C/ハーモニカkey-C <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ 聖者の行進 をいろいろなリズムで吹いてみよう♫ 曲key-G/ハーモニカkey-C <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ 8ビートで吹くブルース 曲key-G/ハーモニカkey-C <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ロングトレインランニング / Long train Runnin’ 間奏 (The Doobie Brothers) 曲key-Gm/ハーモニカkey-C  <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ブルースハープ/見本演奏版「ブルースハーモニカ音頭♫」Key-Am/D-harp 2nd & G-harp 3rd(ハーモニカを吹かれる方はカラオケ①&②をご利用下さい)
ブルース/曲の途中でリズムをチェンジさせる/曲key-G/ハーモニカkey-C  <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ブルース を曲の途中でポジションをチェンジさせる①曲key-D→G→C/ハーモニカkey-C  <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
マイナーブルース を曲の途中でポジションをチェンジさせる②曲key-Em→Am→Dm/ハーモニカkey-C  <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ 前半エンディング・ブギの解説harp -C/後半 I can't turn you loose 映画ブルースブラザーズ テーマの構成harp -F  <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>

● Let's play the prelude of "Piano Man" (Billy Joel)!

Let's challenge the intro of Billy Joel's masterpiece "Piano Man". We will explain how to play folk style in an easy-to-understand manner using the "arrow score" for harmonica, which is easy to work on even if you can not read the score.

● Let's play the interlude of "Stand by Me" (Ben E. King)!

"Stand by Me" is very popular in movies. I arranged the strings solo of the interlude part of this song for harmonica. Here are some tips on how to play nostalgic songs that take advantage of the atmosphere of the original song.

● Let's play "When the Saints Go March" with various rhythms!

Let's play the familiar "When the Saints Go March" with various rhythms. Using the music app "iReal Pro" , I changed the rhythm of jazz, blues, bossa nova, etc., and tried a demo performance with a completely different paste.

● "Sweet Home Chicago" (R. Johnson) with 8 beats!  

Let's play the classic blues song "Sweet Home Chicago" with 8 beats. Once you get used to 8 beats , you will be able to play ROCK and POPS. It also explains the difference in how to cut beats depending on the genre.

● Let's play the interlude of "Long Train Runnin'" (The Doobie Brothers)!  

"Long Train Runnin'" popular with harpists. I explained the composition of this song, which is full of places to show off your skills and can excite the audience and band members. Let's play cool and rough.

● Blues with Bon Odori rhythm! "Blues Harmonica Ondo"

Speaking of summer in Japan, "Bon Odori". I composed "Blues Harmonica Ondo" so that harpists can play an active part in the summer festival. Come on, you too. "Blow, suck ♪ Blow, suck ♪ Suck, suck, suck, suck ♫"

● Rhythm change in the middle of the song "Blues"!  

Let's challenge the rhythm change in one blues. In this video

We will change the rhythm from SHUFFLE → BOSSA → HOUSE. Once you get used to the rhythm change, you can enjoy the session twice.

● Position change in the middle of the song "Blues" ①

With the C Key harmonica, change the playing key from D to G to C (that is, change the position from 3rd to 2nd to 1st) and play a major blues song.

● Position change in the middle of the song "Blues" ②

In the C Key harmonica, change the playing key from Em to Am to Dm (that is, change the position from 5th to 4th to 3rd ) and play a minor blues.

● Let's play "I Can't Turn You Loose" (Otis Redding)!

I picked up Otis Redding's "I Can't Turn You Loose" because it's a song that makes it easy to liven up the end of the live. Explains the practical version of the stage, such as the timing of member introduction and how to respond to Angkor.