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"​Blow and Sing! Blues Harmonica Ondo"

With a harmonica in one hand, enjoy the rhythm of Japanese Ondo and enjoy bluesy!

Ondo is a traditional Japanese rhythm where it is possessed of a popular touch and is very folksy for everyone to enjoy dancing with friends.

『Blow and Sing! Blues Harmonica Ondo ♫』combines blues taste with this Japanese Ondo.

That's because composer Hirose is a mouth harpist and loves Blues Music!

To match karaoke, choose bluesy for your harmonica ad-lib performance on the interlude twelve-bar blues (12 bars blues).

You now get a Sonny Boy mood already!!


『Blow and Sing! Blues Harmonica Ondo ♫』key in Am


・Composer Hirose's performance sample includes G-harmonica in 3rd Position

Two types of blues harmonica are used: D-harmonica in 2nd Position.


・There are versions of karaoke videos where you can enjoy only playing harmonica, and both singing and playing harmonica simultaneously.


・You can enjoy the Blues part of the interlude with instruments other than harmonica.

There is a music score on the dedicated website, so please use it with karaoke2.

​Mr.Call and his harmonica


私が扮する孤独な旅人Mr. コールの吹く悲しげなハーモニカのフレーズに、あなたなりのフレーズを返してみて下さい。




Hakone Hachiya

Among my closest friends figures Sou Yamamoto, a man who runs a historic 400-year-old tea house as its 13th generation owner. He is in love with Hakone, and dedicates himself to preserving and continuing the making of sweet sake as per the old, local traditional methods.


He has a great fondness for the long-gone times when there was no electricity, so he came up with a series of candlelit musical events. The harmonica was a natural fit for his idea, so he gave me a call, and ever since, this dimly-lit tea house has become a very cherished stage for me. I do encourage you to come out and join us for an experience like no other.


My wife Reiko Hirose is an artist, and we have always worked on collaborative projects together. Her art mainly revolves around the cell cycle as a phenomenon of life, but recently she has decided to explore the heart (organ) as an artistic theme, and thus was born our new art+music project: CORDIA (latin for “hearts”). Join us as air flows through the harmonica, and goes on to infuse life into a beating heart.

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