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Hamonicafe is the name of a web series that I host where I talk about all things harmonica, and then some.


“Hamonicafe” is a portmanteau coined from the combination of harmonica and cafe. Furthermore, the spelling “hamonica” reflects the way that I used to say the word as a kid, unable to pronounce it properly. Thinking back as an adult, I found that endearing, plus I get the feeling that it somehow manages to capture the more playful side of the instrument.


I am aware that all harmonica players that came before me have fought hard to earn the harmonica recognition as a legitimate musical instrument on a par with any other. Particularly in Japan, where a lot of people see it as no more than a toy, harmonica musicians have had a very tough time.


I personally take this perception of the harmonica as a toy as an important and inextricable part of its identity. It’s an instrument that goes beyond music and that inhabits its own special space.


I invite you to join me in my quest to explore that space where the harmonica is more than just an instrument to play music, and together discover the infinite joys of the hamonica.


About Tetsuya Hirose

Tetsuya Hirose

Tetsuya Hirose

10 Holes Harmonica Player

Born July 14, 1969 in Tokyo. Live activities in solo and band, and harmonica classes at Yamano Music Salon and online lessons.

2009 Written and sold nationwide "10 Holes Harmonica Session Book (Central Art Publishing Co., Ltd.)". (Currently out of print in 2015, some are available for free on the WEB).

2010 Planned and put into practical use a piano array harmonica belt. 2011 Commercialized in a limited quantity from Moridaira Musical Instruments Co. , Ltd., and test-sold at specialty stores.

2014 Planning, management and appearance of "Hakone Hachiya" , a collaboration event with the long-established Hakone Amazake Chaya (held 22 times). The pattern is broadcast on NHK-BS.

Guest appearance at the solo performance of Master Koasa Shunpitei in 2016. A collaboration performance with violinist Yasuko Otani will be broadcast on BS Japan's "Music Crossing" guest appearance.

2017 WEB program "HAMONICAFE" distribution started. Published the e-book "The Blues Session Drill" . (Apple Books, Kindle)

2020 "Hamoni Cafe LINE Stamp" is available for download. Published "The Blues Jam Session Guide for Beginners" in English. (Apple Books, Kindle) Proposed a new coronavirus (for face-to-face classroom) countermeasure harmonica mask.

2021 Activities centered on studio work such as online lessons.

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