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HAMONICAFE news item special feature

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ハーモニカ コラボ企画 / スポーツ選手(アスリート)たちが競技中に吹く <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラボ企画 / ハーモニカを吹くためのカラオケボックス <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラボ企画 / ハリウッド映画にハーモニカを登場させる <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラボ企画 / ハーモニカを楽しむための旅行 <Hamopedia /ハモペディア>
ハーモニカ コラボ企画 / 政治団体 ハーピス党結成!ハーモニカ奏者のためのマニフェストを発表 / (注)コントです<Hamopedia /ハモペディア>

● Dream Collaboration Series ① Athletes x Harmonica

The "Harpist Status Improvement Committee," which aims to create a world centered on harpists, proposes various collaborations that harmonica players dream of. First of all, I would like to make a proposal for "athletes" to play during the competition, seeking "freshness" that is not enough for harmonica.

● Dream Collaboration Series ② Karaoke x Harmonica

Harpists also want to enjoy karaoke as much as they want! In response to this passion, I conceived an ideal karaoke for harpists. A song composition that prioritizes harmonica over songs, with an emphasis on preludes and interludes. It contains a delicate idea such as a remote control with Ten Holes specifications that can be input with a harmonica key.

● Dream collaboration series ③ Hollywood movie x harmonica

Bringing harmonica to the glamorous world of Hollywood movies! It is a bold global strategy that aims for a huge media effect by proposing a renewal plan that incorporates harmonica into the famous scene riding the remake boom. "Titanic" "Back to the Future" "007 Series" "Frozen"

● Dream collaboration series ④ Travel industry x harmonica

Let's travel with harmonica! We propose a travel plan unique to small musical instruments that you can go anywhere with. There are lots of fun plans such as staying at a harmonica hotel, a harmonica concierge, a session at a piano bar and a late-night cafe, and an event to clear by playing.

● Dream Collaboration Series ⑤ Politics x Harmonica

The fictitious political party "Herbis Party" was launched as the total settlement of the "Herbisist Status Improvement Committee". In order to solve various problems related to harmonica, we will make six promises and give an election speech. Please give a shout of "Good! Good!" To the harpist's passionate claim.