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Piano array expression 12Key corresponding belt

Only for 10 holes harmonica

Draft of this belt, I think that was before in my perhaps decades.

Design, prototype, order, improve, complete, and sell.

Although there are various difficulties, I was able to follow the flow up to this point because there are current problems that strongly feel the need for this project.


The 10-holes harmonica (blue harp) is an instrument that is completed by aligning 12 keys.

In the first place, it is not known that there are products with different keys, and that you can switch and play.

In particular, it is not known that there is a ♭ Key, and it may be decided that you cannot even participate in the performance.


~ One instrument with 12 keys ~

We planned this belt so that you can understand this at a glance.

The ♭ Key is layered high so that it looks and feels the same as the piano layout.

Since it is a single item, it is made of leather and it is expensive, but I hope that a low unit price popular version of synthetic resin will be sold someday, and I am continuing to work on companies.


The arrangement of the pianos makes it easy to feel even in the dark, which is a need born from my playing scene, but it is also influenced by the blindness of my esteemed harpist.


This belt is a blues harpist

I would like to dedicate it to Sonny Terry.



Planning / Design / Initial Paper Pattern Tetsuya Hirose

First and second trials (production of test sale products) Smoky Kashiwagi

Third prototype DARK END OF THE STREET Yuto Nakajima


Sister project Original leather cover for harmonica microphone

Planning / Design / Initial Paper Pattern Tetsuya Hirose

Leather design / production DARK END OF THE STREET Yuto Nakajima


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