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Tetsuya Hirose (Tetsuya Hirose) / Tetsuya Hirose

Born July 14, 1969 in Tokyo.

He started playing 10 holes harmonica (blues harp) by himself when he was 14 years old, and started band activities a few years later. He plays a wide range of sounds, from acoustic sounds centered on folk and pop to electric sounds centered on rock and blues.

2008 Participated in the collaboration band "THE THREE RIVER BLUES BAND" by Takashi Ohashi (Seikima II, BIG BRIDGES, ex.CATS IN BOOTS) and Takeshi Sakakibara (One Eyed Trouser Snake).

(Participated in the recording of Takashi Ohashi's 25th anniversary album "INDEPENDENT SOULS UNION").

In parallel with rock and blues, he steadily developed a jazz live that is rare in 10 holes, and in 2009 he wrote and published the know-how as a book and sold it nationwide. "10 Holes Harmonica Session Book ( Central Art Publishing Co., Ltd. )" (2015 out of print). In the same year, the first original album "POGI-POGI" was released.

November 2010 Planned and put into practical use a piano array harmonica belt. Received an evaluation as an idea to explain the 12 keys of harmonica, which is unprecedented in the world, planned announcement at the time of guest appearance of the harmonica contest "31st FIH JAPAN THE BLUES LIVE 2011" sponsored by Moridaira Musical Instruments Co., Ltd., Japan agency of HOHNER, limited quantity It will be commercialized by the company and sold at specialty stores.

Fascinated by performance activities in the natural environment, he held an outdoor ART & MUSIC collaboration event "Forest and Sound" at Miyanoshita, Hakone in 2011. 2013 Motohakone "Breathing Garden" and Motohakone Otamagaike ART Performance "Chance Forest" held. Released the compilation album "Breathing Hakone" to commemorate the holding of "Breathing Garden 2". (Hakone Tozan Railway Co., Ltd. permits the notation "Hakone Tozan Railway also supports!")

Since 2014, he has planned, operated and performed the Earth Hour-like event "Hakone Hachiya" in collaboration with the long-established Hakone Amazake Tea House , which has continued for 400 years. It becomes a hot topic such as being broadcast on NHK-BS. In 2015, planned and operated ART & MUSIC "Kyomachiya / Shoumachiken" in Kyoto.

Taking advantage of the performance of the Hakone Hachiya series in 2016, the 3rd album "Harmonica Kacho Fugetsu" was released and sold as a download (7 songs and karaoke set are also sold). WEB version "10 Holes Harmonica Session Book" released for free, exclusive author DEMO performance & karaoke 2-CD set released.

A talk solo performance was performed at a corner of Koasa Shunpitei's solo performance, and a guest appearance was realized at BS Japan's "Music Crossing" hosted by the master, and a collaboration performance with Japan's leading violinist Yasuko Otani was realized. It will be broadcast.

2017 Published the e-book version of the instructional book "The Blues Session Drill". Started Internet distribution of harmonica variety show "HAMONICAFE".

Participated in TAKASHI O'HASHI & STEPHEN MILLS "Independent Souls Union LIVE TOUR" in 2018. LIVE album released. Planned and announced a leather cover for harmonica microphones.

2019 Original song "Blues Harmonica Ondo" announced and "Hakone Hachiya 2019" held. Started the activity of the instrumental unit "The Tetsunabe" with jazz guitarist Eiichi Watanabe.

2020 Download and sell “Hamoni Cafe Line Stamp” and propose new communication with one harmonica phrase attached.

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