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Tetsuya Hirose (Hirose, Tetsuya) / Tetsuya Hirose

10 holes harmonica player. Using a small 10-holes harmonica (commonly known as a blues harp) with a length of about 10 cm, he plays a wide range of music from blues to rock and jazz. Mainly active in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Pursuing new entertainment rooted in Japanese culture, such as planning and managing events such as "Hakone Amasake Chaya Theater Hakone Hachiya" and performing a harmonica solo performance at the first corner of the rakugo solo performance by Master Shunfutei Kocho. There is. In 2016, he appeared in "Music Crossing" (BS Japan) and performed in collaboration with violinist Yasuko Otani. 2017 Published the e-book version of the instructional book "The Blues Session Drill". Started internet distribution of harmonica variety show "HAMONICAFE". In 2019, he plans, manages and appears in the 22nd Hakone Hachiya. Started the activity of the instrumental unit "The Tetsunabe" with jazz guitarist Eiichi Watanabe. In 2020, download and sell the Hamoni Cafe Line Stamp, and propose a new communication with a harmonica phrase.

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